Watsu is a type of bodywork that includes immersing the body inside warm water along with components of massage, joint mobilization, stretching and shiatsu therapy.

Watsu (Water Shiatsu) began in 1980 when a California-based Shiatsu practitioner, Harold Dull started floating people in the warm pool while applying the stretches and principles of the Zen Shiatsu he had studied in Japan.

Moments of stillness alternate with rhythmical smooth motions, which assist the body movements in manners difficult on land. The warm water calms the muscles and stabilizes the spine. With this particular support and with no weight of the body, the spine, joints and muscles could be manipulated and opened in ways distinctive to water work. The effects include a very soothing, yet deep stretching and a release of muscle and joints restrictions, and also a state of profound relaxation, which promotes the release of tension and stress.

The receiver is steadily supported while being floated, cradled, shaken and stretched. The deeply soothing effects of warm water complement Watsu motions, stretches, massage and acupressure.  This therapeutic bodywork produces healing benefits with possible health restoration on several stages.

Watsu is now offered in numerous worldwide wellness health spas and water physical therapy programs. It is getting countless applications in therapy, aiding healing from injury, alleviating muscular and joint pain and encouraging mobility and flexibility. At specialist level it could be used as standalone as a therapy or maybe be applied as an excellent complement to healing and therapeutic modalities on land. Essentially any kind of therapy that addresses pain can work effectively along with Watsu. acupuncture, manipulation as well as massage can certainly all be treatments that assist in healing from long-term aches. Movement therapies such as tai chi or yoga can be helpful additions. Since Watsu can lead to an altered state of awareness, using mind-body strategies to simulate the sensation could be a useful reminder of the training obtained in a specific Watsu workout. Many people are also practicing expressing Watsu’s simple moves together with family and friends for healing and enjoyment.

Characteristics of Watsu

Relaxation ****

Therapeutic **

Intensity: Minimum – Mild

Lubrication: No

Undressing: Yes

Tip: Likely

How to interpret the rating scale