Herbal Compress Massage

Herbal Compress Massage

An herbal compress contains a variety of herbs and spices with potential therapeutic properties (e.g., lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, tamarind turmeric, etc.). During the herbal compress massage, practitioners gently massage the client’s body with hot muslin compresses which are heated with steam.  It is believed that the therapeutic properties of the herbs are absorbed through the skin and create detoxifying effects.

Herbal Compress Applied on the Foot

Herbal Compress Applied on the Back

Indian Herbal Compress Treatment

indian doctors doing traditional ayurvedic oil Herbal back massage

Characteristics of Herbal Compress Massage

Relaxation ****

Therapeutic **

Intensity: Minimum

Lubrication: Yes

Undressing: Yes

Tip: Likely

How to interpret the rating scale