Breast Massage

Young woman receiving breast massage by female massage therapist

Scooping and Fingertip Kneading – Scoop into center, Always up, never downward pressure.

Breast Massage

Breast massage therapy is beneficial for women of all ages, not just ladies who experience soreness from PMS, pregnancy, or hormonal fluctuation/decrease during menopause. Across the board, it’s known to have preventative qualities as well as therapeutic and cosmetic ones.

Massage is beneficial for all women experiencing the frustrations of any breast tenderness, and it may also reduce the appearance of stretch marks and even soften benign lumps created by cysts. Moreover, it improves circulation and can be exceptionally valuable for women suffering from any type of hormonal imbalance. Cosmetically, it can help to prevent breast sagging while it also improves overall tone and firmness.

This sensitive area needs the same attention and care as any other part of the body and perhaps even more so, as it is often overlooked. The breasts contain lymphatic fluids which can store up toxins from food, stress, and even chemical cleaning products. A breast massage is an easy way to flush these fluids and keep the body in proper working order. It’s an easy and tender kindness any woman can do for her body. Stress, bras, toxins, and poor posture can all affect the health of breast tissue.

Depending on the type of breast massage, it may also help to increase size. However, even if breast size is not a concern or goal, overall breast health should be. There is also a mental and emotional benefit to breast massage. Most women are bombarded daily by unrealistic body images via TV, movies, and magazines. Familiarity and loving care toward your body in general can increase good mood, confidence, and overall body acceptance. And most importantly, familiarity with ones breasts can be a crucial part of early cancer detection.

Massage should not be something reserved just for pampered celebrities or athletes. Working massage therapy into your weekly routine is exceptionally beneficial to your overall wellbeing. You pay for cable, overpriced lattes, nail polish and other beauty products, restaurants, movies, etc. Massage is an incomparable gift that will improve your health and happiness and, in the case of Breast Massage, perhaps even have important preventative measures. It has lasting benefits and should not be considered merely a luxury in our stressed-out and harshly fast-paced world.