Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage to the leg calf muscle

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is referred to the type of massage therapy that is intended for a therapeutic purpose.

Massage therapy may be administered to a part of the body only or full body. When it is administered to the full body, more focus is placed on the location of pain, injury and related areas during the session.

All the commonly used Swedish massage techniques may be used during the therapeutic massage session.  However, strokes may be delivered more rapidly and rigorously compared to the relaxation massage session.  In addition, a deep pressure may be applied to certain areas. Although therapeutic massage is used for addressing specific health conditions, it can be highly relaxing as well in most cases.

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Characteristics of Therapeutic Massage

Relaxation *

Therapeutic *****

Intensity: Moderate to Strong

Lubrication: Yes

Undressing: Yes

Tip: Depends on facility

How to interpret the rating scale


What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage (or Massage Therapy) describes any type of massage that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and/or work on a specific medical issue. All messages including relaxation oriented massage have certain health benefits, however, therapeutic massages are employed for therapeutic reasons and not purely relaxation. Therapeutic massage may be focused on one area and maybe more intense than a relaxation massage.

In Toronto and the province of Ontario, massage therapy is provided by Registered Massage Therapists (RMT). There are many qualified RMT in Toronto, offering both therapeutic and relaxation massage treatments.

Therapeutic massage utilizes many techniques to address soft tissue problems by reducing pain, releasing muscles in spasm and healing tendon and ligament issues. By focusing on specific health complaints, therapeutic massage can assist your body’s natural healing process with regard to injuries and repetitive strain syndromes.

Therapeutic massage can stimulate your nervous system, boost immunity and increase sluggish circulation. With a range of diagnostic techniques, practitioners provide comprehensive healing methods for clients, using their ability to determine the underlying cause of ailments.

Many massage therapists incorporate different modalities, such as Shiatsu Therapy, Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy. Treatment strategies are formulated by gaining an understanding of your anatomy, medical conditions, pain tolerance, preferences for treatment and physically assessing you. Via referrals from doctors or physiotherapists, therapeutic massage can also become a part of established medical regimes.

Combining therapeutic massage with recovery treatment plans is an effective way to improve muscle tone, increase flexibility and loosen muscles, thereby supplementing physical therapy goals as well as injury and illness treatments. Massage can help with the symptoms and management of heart disease, diabetes, and osteoarthritis, among other conditions.

People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from therapeutic massage. A Deep Tissue massage concentrating on the neck and shoulders can help office workers, a sports massage can aid athletes in injury prevention and reflexology can stimulate the nervous system to release tension during the later stages of pregnancy. Children can also benefit from therapeutic massage for stress release and injury recovery, as can elderly clients suffering from limited movement and musculoskeletal disorders.

As indicated, therapeutic massage differs from traditional relaxation massages, offered in spas and beauty therapy clinics. Though most techniques induce an overall sense of well-being and relieve everyday stress, a therapeutic massage aims to target specific issues and work on them for long-lasting results, rather than simply provide relaxation. In the process, however, therapeutic massage can help alleviate psychological and depression-related disorders by promoting relaxation and trust.

The benefits of therapeutic massage therapy are tremendous in allowing you to attain relief from chronic pain and enhancing your overall sense of emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.