Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage to the leg calf muscle

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is referred to the type of massage therapy that is intended for a therapeutic purpose.

Massage therapy may be administered to a part of the body only or full body. When it is administered to the full body, more focus is placed on the location of pain, injury and related areas during the session.

All the commonly used Swedish massage techniques may be used during the therapeutic massage session.  However, strokes may be delivered more rapidly and rigorously compared to the relaxation massage session.  In addition, a deep pressure may be applied to certain areas. Although therapeutic massage is used for addressing specific health conditions, it can be highly relaxing as well in most cases.

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Characteristics of Therapeutic Massage

Relaxation *

Therapeutic *****

Intensity: Moderate to Strong

Lubrication: Yes

Undressing: Yes

Tip: Depends on facility

How to interpret the rating scale