Health Benefits of Massage

Young girl having neck pain

Massage Health Benefits

Most of us know that massage offers various benefits and feels good, however, we seldom have knowledge of its specific benefits.

Therapeutic massage treats the body holistically, enhancing physical, emotional and spiritual health. The key physical benefits include stimulating the blood supply to remove toxins, relieving pain by calming the peripheral nervous system and improving joint mobility by toning and relaxing muscles.

Emotional and spiritual benefits start with the simple power of touch. As a highly documented source of healing, hands-on techniques promote relaxation and stress relief. In stimulating the release of endorphins, therapeutic massage can help to improve moods, reduce anxiety and increase energy levels.

Energetic modalities, such as Shiatsu, work with your body’s meridians to restore balance in the energy system. In supporting your body’s own healing abilities, treatment works to release toxins, stimulate the hormonal system and address psychological functions.

Massage treatments must be considered a necessary part of your health.

Experts listed some of the potential benefits of massage therapy

  • It extends and exercises the atrophied muscle or the weak and tight part of our muscles.
  • It helps prepare athletes for their training or sports competition and assists recovery from muscle fatigue after strenuous activities.
  • It improves the skin condition which is the largest organ of the body.
  • It reduces stretch marks and scar tissue while helping to generate the tissues being damaged.
  • It improves the circulatory system of the body while pumping nutrients and also oxygen into our vital organs and body tissues.
  • Reduces surgical scars.
  • Reduces involuntary tightening of muscles.
  • Relaxes the overused muscles and soothes the injured part or damaged part of our body.
  • It improves the pulmonary function in asthmatic persons.
  • It helps infants to gain more weight.
  • It decreases anxiety and stress.
  • People who suffer from arthritis note fewer aches and pains in their joints.
  • Lowers the water retention and cramping for individuals

Note: Some of the above claims are not supported by the latest massage therapy research

Massage is beneficial because human physical contact is both physically and emotionally healing.

Depending on the massage technique being used, the therapist’s touch can soothe or energize your muscles and soft tissues in order to achieve the desired effect.

Along with the healing power of touch itself, massage can help stimulate circulation, encourage the lymphatic system to clear waste products, heal injured muscle, reduce pain, release tension, impart calm, and rev up immune system activity.  In addition, massage has been shown to stimulate the release of endorphins and lower stress hormone levels.

The benefits of massage may include increased energy, reduced injury recovery time, pain reduction, relaxation, improved mood, amplified well-being, and healing support.

Massage has been shown to lighten depression in those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome; it is also eases a variety of musculoskeletal problems, including osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, sprains and strains, and lower back pain.  Massage can even lower blood pressure, reduce constipation, and decrease swelling after surgeries.

It is important to note that benefits of massage therapy are greatly enhanced when you receive the therapy on a regular basis so that you can attain cumulative effects.  The recommended frequency of visits varies case by case, however in general, 1-2 session(s) per week are recommended if you are having some health conditions.  Monthly sessions may be sufficient for wellness or maintenance care. Please follow your treatment plan discussed with your therapist in order to obtain best possible outcomes.

Conditions Commonly Treated By Therapeutic Massage

Common ailments, like headaches and jaw pain, can be treated using techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy to release the muscles in the front and back of the neck. Congestion symptoms related to sinus and allergies may be relieved with Acupressure and pain related to a frozen shoulder can be targeted for long-term results.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can be prevented with the use of massage by relieving delayed onset muscle soreness. By treating swelling, reducing muscle tension and increasing circulation, massage can reduce the recovery time for conditions such as tennis and golfers elbow, sprains and corked thighs.

Accident Related Injuries

Trauma related conditions, such as those caused by car accidents, including whiplash, neck pain and strains, can be treated to improve mobility, prevent the formation of scar tissue and reverse the effects of shock on the nervous system. Therapeutic massage and other manual therapies such as chiropractic manipulation encourages and supports your body’s natural healing and repair mechanisms on the road to recovery.

Musculoskeletal Disorders and Back Pain

For musculoskeletal disorders, such as arthritis, regular massage leads to pain reduction and improvements in flexibility, hand grip strength and the overall performance of joints. Deep Tissue massage works with the layers of your body’s tissue to relax, lengthen and improve their overall function. According to your specific needs, a therapist will utilize the correct techniques for back pain associated with injuries or conditions like sciatica, for pain relief and improvement.

Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia

By helping to release serotonin, which is your body’s natural store of pain relief chemicals, therapeutic massage is an effective way to increase deep sleep and relaxation. Restoring sleep patterns aids in reducing stress and anxiety, lightening depression and enhancing your overall sense of health and wellbeing.

Other health conditions that are commonly treated by therapeutic massage:

  • Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow
  • Sciatica
  • Hip Pain
  • Computer Related Injuries
  • Sprains/Strains
  • Menstrual Pain
  • Pregnancy Related Symptoms (prenatal massage)
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • And more…