Couples Massage

Young man and woman lying on bed and getting massage

Couple’s massage is a service provided by many spas. Two people such as girlfriend and boyfriend are massaged in the same treatment room by two therapists. The session is relaxation oriented rather than therapeutic.

The couples massage is not only meant for to-be-married couples

but also for the mother-daughter duos, father-son duos, and best friends.

Many spa facilities add an extra touch to create a more special atmosphere and surrounding.  Some spas have fireplaces, shower facilities, Jacuzzis, soaking tubs, and extra amenities are offered to their guests such as wines, fruits, and chocolates. Spas also accommodate client preferences and arrange treatments by either male or female therapists depending on the request.  In most cases spas recommend making reservations ahead of time, especially for weekends.

Characteristics of Couples Massage

Relaxation *****

Therapeutic *

Intensity: Mild

Lubrication: Yes

Undressing: Yes

Tip: Likely

How to interpret the rating scale