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The massage experience will be greatly enhanced with peaceful, soothing music.

Many music CDs for mediation, relaxation, sleep induction, and mood enhancement are suitable for massage sessions.

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Calming Massage 

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Designed by Dr. Tim H. Tanaka to help calm the mind and regulate breathing, this album is the perfect complement to a massage or any relaxation activity.

Breathing for relaxation


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Breathe properly for optimal health with this deeply relaxing music and nature sound experience. Scientifically designed by Dr. Tim H. Tanaka, this program incorporates voice guides to establish ideal breathing rhythms.


Background Research


Acupuncture and Sound Assisted Autonomic Modulation Technique: Brief Scientific Background and Clinical Applications

Tim H Tanaka, Ph.D.

In the author’s facility, a variety of conditions that are considered to be associated with autonomic dysfunctions, (e.g. insomnia, IBS, migraine, irregular menstruation, etc.) have been treated using acupuncture. This paper briefly describes the background and rationale of incorporating heart rate variability biofeedback into acupuncture procedure. It is part of an exploration to enhance the autonomic effect of acupuncture and further improve clinical outcomes. Read more…



Science of Breath: What is the ideal respiration rate?

Tim H. Tanaka, Ph.D.

Breathing is a basic living activity that everyone performs every single moment without paying any attention to the act. Besides the simple exchange of air, breathing plays another critical role. Breathing can become a powerful tool to balance and optimize our nervous system and hormonal activity, thus creating a positive impact on our entire physiological system.

Breathing techniques have been a key element of many natural therapeutic modalities or wellness exercises, although exact breathing methods (e.g., using mouth/nose, abdominal/chest breathing, inhale/exhale/hold time, posture, etc.) have been taught and practiced mainly based on tradition and empirical belief. Even widely promoted abdominal breathing, surprisingly does not carry sufficient research evidence of benefit over the more common thoracic (chest) breathing. Although there is not much doubt that many forms of breathing techniques have been benefiting people’s health in a variety of ways, different teachings in breathing methods are confusing for many people. Exciting news is that recent studies have clarified at least one important issue regarding breathing: Rate of Breathing.

Read more: Powerful optimization of the autonomic nervous system occurs only when breathing at a specific rate

Breathing Rate