Traction involves gently pulling the arms, legs, or head of the client.

This technique involves stretching of the muscles and connective tissues.  The aim is to increase flexibility of the joint by elongating the muscles and connective tissues that surrounding a joint.

In this technique the therapist stretches the muscles and connective tissues by pulling on the head, legs, and arms. It focuses on enhancing joints’ flexibility by lengthening the nearby tissues and muscles. The spinal column can also be affected by this technique. Although it’s mainly done manually, traction can be done using equipment.

Characteristics of Traction

Relaxation *

Therapeutic ****

Intensity: Mild – Moderate

Lubrication: No

Undressing: No

Tip: Depends on facility

How to interpret the rating scale

Gentle Cervical Traction

Neck massage for young woman relaxing in spa salon

Finger traction technique