Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic touch treatment - female reiki practitioner's hands over the man's face

Somewhat similar in practice and theory to Reiki, Therapeutic Touch relies somewhat on connecting to a deeper, usually spiritual energy.

What is Therapeutic Touch?

Somewhat similar in practice and theory to Reiki, Therapeutic Touch relies somewhat on connecting to a deeper, usually spiritual energy.

Incredibly effective for people wishing to tune into a sort of emotional healing, this form would work well in conjunction with traditional psychotherapy or spiritual advancement.

Some view this technique as more metaphysical than physical or scientific. Even energy workers themselves can’t fully explain how or why this technique is found to be effective by recipients who swear by it. However, if this practice still sounds too New Age or hippie-dippy to explore, take heart that the concept is not so far from the abstract mathematical theories behind quantum physics.

Albert Einstein explored concepts of quantum physics (also known as quantum mechanics or quantum theory) by analyzing the idea that several energies are connected and invisibly functioning at the same time all around us. But beyond deja vu, kismet, or synchronicity, science is able to qualify many of these ideas. The theories behind electromagnetic energy, traveling light and atomic particles, as well as the concepts behind how energy can directly affect matter, all make this form of massage a worthwhile and important part of the field.

Similar to the ideas expressed in the film What the Bleep Do We Know and metaphysics in general, this form of therapy aims to further connect the client to their spirit, chakra energy fields, and emotional healing.  In this way, it is quite different from the better-known forms of massage such as Swedish or Shiatsu and may therefore be beneficial to receive in conjunction with those or with Aromatherapy Massage.

This type of massage lends itself well to someone in need of emotional and/or spiritual wellbeing. For instance, someone suffering from PTSD could benefit from this sort of energy healing technique. It can enhance ones spiritual practice and aid in achieving an attitude of openness toward long-term healing. Therapeutic Touch is somewhat similar to Aromatherapy Massage, in that it is less about physical manipulation and more about mindfulness and sensitivity.

Massage in general needs not be considered a rare spa outing or luxury item—rather, if incorporated into one’s regular health and beauty regime, the benefits pay off. Any massage is a perfect way to unwind, de-stress, and relax, but when you understand the plethora of pleasing side effects it gives to your emotions and thoughts as well, you’ll become convinced it should be a regular part of your life. Indeed, Therapeutic Touch is about balancing the overall being and striving to achieve a holistic approach in one’s life.

Characteristics of Therapeutic Touch

Relaxation ****

Therapeutic **

Intensity: None – Minimum

Lubrication: no

Undressing: no

Tip: Depends on facility

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