Constipation Point

Acupressure Point for Constipation

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St27 (also called, Daju or Great Gigantic Point)

Channel/Meridian: Stomach


On the lower abdomen, 2 cun inferior to the centre of the umbilicus, 2 cun lateral to the anterior median line.( 1 cun = approximately width of the thumb)


Acupressure Point for Constipation

Pressure Point for Constipation, slow digestion, and abdominal bloating


  • Use the tips of 3 fingers (index, middle and ring fingers) to apply a steady, firm pressure.
  • Spend 3-5 seconds to apply a gentle, gradual pressure while exhaling, then slowly release the pressure.  Repeat the process several times.
  • Try to also perform acupressure slightly below and on the outer side of St27 point.
  • The pressure can be applied to both, left and right St27 points.  However, many constipation sufferers tend to have pain and discomfort on the left side of lower abdomen, due to anatomical structures of the colon.
  • You can also combine a circular effleurage massage using the palm.  It is important to remember that the direction of circular motion should be clockwise.

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