Cupping Treatment

Cupping applied on back

Fire Cupping Treatment

Cupping Treatment

The cupping therapy is often incorporated in the traditional Chinese acupuncture and massage therapy practices. It has also been used in other parts of the world including Europe as traditional folk therapy.

During the cupping procedure, heat or mechanical vacuum devices are used to create a suction inside a glass or plastic cup. As the cup is then applied to the skin, the skin gets sucked up and rises inside the cup.

Variations of Cupping Methods:

Retained cupping

A common method of cupping in which the cup is kept at the same site for a certain period of time

Fire-insertion cupping method

A cupping procedure which involves inserting a piece of ignited alcohol-cotton into a cup and pressing the cup transversely onto the treated area of the lateral side of the body

Flash-fire cupping method

A cupping procedure which involves flashing the fire of a piece of ignited alcohol-cotton once around the cup’s interior and pressing the cup onto the treated area immediately after removing the ignited cotton

Cotton-burning cupping method

A cupping procedure performed by placing a thin layer of alcohol-cotton on the lower one third of the cup wall, and pressing the cup onto the treated area after igniting the cotton

Slide cupping

A cupping method in which the cup or jar is moved on the skin surface to extend the acting area

Medicated cupping

A form of cupping therapy in which the cup is put into boiling medicinal solution before use

Pricking-cupping bloodletting method

A combined method of pricking and cupping in which pricking with a three-edged acupuncture needle is followed by cupping to increase bloodletting

Fire Cupping Method

Applying cupping therapy in traditional chinese medicine

Vacuum Device Method

During the Cupping Procedure


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Characteristics of Cupping Treatment

Relaxation *

Therapeutic ***

Intensity: Moderate to Very Strong

Lubrication: no

Undressing: Yes

Tip: Depends on facility

How to interpret the rating scale