Indian Head Massage

As a rule of thumb, massage is proven to be an effective way in alleviating stress and fatigue. Massage can be performed or manifested in several ways. A lot of massage variety exists which include a full body massage, foot massage, hand massage, and the like. However, as compared to traditional methods of massage, the Indian Head Massage offers a new massage experience with less complexity.

Indian ayurvedic oil head massage

Indian head massage is based on Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional Indian medicine. An invigorating massage is administered on the scalp and face. Ayurvedic oils that contain many therapeutic properties are then massaged into the scalp.

 The Indian Head Massage – Step by Step Procedures

It’s always fun and easy to do an Indian Head Massage. Initially, an individual would only need a chair, massage oil, and a volunteer. In preparation for the same, it would be a great choice to choose a quiet place, without any distractions or with the least distractions. An atmosphere of relaxation can likewise be attained by playing soft music or even lighting some candles. The Indian Head Massage will focus particularly on the shoulders, the neck, the forehead, and the scalp.


On the shoulders, the volunteer shall take a seat in a relaxed and comfortable manner. The other person shall stand behind the volunteer with hands on the latter’s shoulders. The next step is performed by gently and slowly squeezing the trapezius muscle. It is best to start at the neck while working towards the shoulder. This shall be done three (3) to four (4) times while increasing the pressure in every pass. With thumbs extended, slowly bring hands back up before the neck while forming the thumb in circles on both sides of the backbone underneath the collar line. Repeat the same three (3) to four (4) times while increasing the pressure every pass. Lastly, the wrists shall move outwards toward the shoulder while rotating in motion. Upon reaching the shoulder, move the forearms at the centre and repeat as desired while gradually decreasing the pressure every pass.


For the neck massage, the same is done by stepping on one side of the volunteer while placing the back hand on the base of the volunteer’s neck and the front hand on the forehead. The same is done with very minimal pressure. While supporting the head from the back, the thumb is gently spread from the fingers while gliding up the neck while avoiding too much pressure directly exerted on the part of the vertebrae. Subsequently, when the back hand reaches the hairline, the head shall slowly be tilted without strain. The head is lifted back gently to its vertical position and continues backwards within its own range of motion. The process is repeated three (3) times.


For the scalp massage, the same is done by spreading the fingers on both sides of the volunteer’s head while fingers point up. While applying light pressure, the hands are slowly moved up in motion. The same is performed while the heel of the hands is in contact with the scalp together with the fingers. Upon reaching the top of the head, the fingers are slowly moved down in a gentle traction to different parts of the head.


Finally, for the forehead massage, the same is done by slowly rubbing the fingers through the volunteer’s hair from the top of the forehead down. While allowing the final strokes to draw back at the volunteer’s head, the fingers are slowly placed over the latter’s forehead. Lastly, upon reaching the centre, the fingers are gently moved down and along the brow line going to each temple.