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Korean Massage is a form of therapy that has the potential to reach and penetrate nearly every inch of the body, inside and out. Similar to foot or hand reflexology, this method was created in the early 1970s by an established practitioner of acupuncture.

However, unlike acupuncture, this method does not involve needles. Instead, it incorporates the concept of targeting very specific pressure points on the hand that connect to various associated areas on the body, more similar to acupressure.

Similarities are common amongst various forms of massage and physical therapy but Korean Massage, also known as Korean Hand Massage, does differentiate itself from the common hand massages often given at nail salons and typical hand reflexology. Nail salons often include brief hand massage prior to the shaping and painting of nails because it promotes deeper client relaxation. Hand reflexology greatly expands on this, by using the hands as a way to focus on the entire map of the body and its complex systems. Korean Hand Massage takes this one step further, using the complete acupuncture meridian energy system as a guide.

The therapy is performed fully-clothed and can include massage and stimulation of pressure points on the arms as well as hands. Although this massage is used to reduce stiffness, increase mobility, balance hormones, and improve the body’s overall functioning in a very holistic manner, it’s considered one of the top relaxation forms of massage. Because of this, it can often be paired nicely Reiki or other energy work, and Facial Massage.

Its origins come from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and it is therefore also effective to use in conjunction with herbal teas and tinctures, as well as Aromatherapy Massage. Korean Massage is very useful to people who type on computers 8-9 hours a day, or otherwise use their hands all day long. It’s also an effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s also greatly beneficial for any hand, wrist, and/or arm pains or medical conditions.

Because the hands and feet are believed to carry connections to the entire map of the body, this form of massage is also a quick way to balance out your entire system. A brief glance at any reflexology chart will show the connections of most organs can be accessed via either the feet or hands. Since the hands are typically exceptionally busy throughout the day—whether you are a dishwasher, office worker, or doctor—it makes sense to spend some time pampering and refreshing them.