Abdominal Massage

There Are Many Benefits to Receiving Abdominal Massage

Emily Crown-Robinson RMT, CST, CR, Toronto Registered Massage Therapist

“Hara” is the Japanese name for the center of energy in the lower abdomen – also known as the “Sea of Ki” ( Ki meaning our life-force). Massaging the Hara can help to develop energy in that part of the body.

This area can be treated in a specific sequence to promote circulation to each organ reflex. Selected pressure points can also be used – tailored to the receiver’s condition. Comfortable pressure is applied, above the clothing, to the desired areas while the client practices smooth, relaxed, deep breathing.

In Western society, the Hara can often become closed off due to restrictive clothing and/or shallow breathing (as is often the case with high stress levels). Organ stasis usually results because of this; therefore, it is important to awaken the Sea of Ki!

Imagine a happy Buddah statue with a round prominent belly – it is a strong, grounded center and not a bag of jelly!

Treating the Hara treats us to the core of our being. It can thus be a powerful tool in helping to release deeper areas of tension and stasis – encouraging smooth blood and energy flow both distally and locally. The release of a tense solar-plexus can reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Hara treatment also aids smooth digestion by decreasing bloating and constipation. Last, but certainly not least, it helps to dispel congestion in the reproductive reflex areas in both women and men. It can be used in conjunction with fertility treatments to increase local circulation as well as relaxing the nervous system.

Personally, I really enjoy receiving Hara treatment. I find it not only soothing, but I often feel very calm and grounded afterwards. Since everything in the body is ultimately connected, a more complete treatment will always include Hara. Please request to have it as part of your next session – it can broaden the benefits and length of positive effects of your treatment.

Abdominal Hara massage



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