Massage in Canada

Massage Clinics in Canada


The Pacific Wellness Institute

Massage therapy and alternative medicine clinic in Toronto from Pacific Wellness.  Acupuncture, shiatsu, RMT massage, naturopathy, reflexology, chiropractic, osteopathy, and other alternative modalities for wellness, weight loss, fertility, pain control.

British Colombia

The Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage

300 – 342 Water Street,
Vancouver, BC V6B 1B6

Telephone: 604-688-5060

Student Clinic is meant to provide our students with a simulated professional environment. Although indeed we aim to provide our clients with exceptional value, our first objective is to enhance the students’ education with “real-life” experience working with the public.


Alberta Institute of Massage

#4, 7710 Gaetz Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta T4P 2A5
Phone: 403-346-1018 

The Alberta Institute of Massage is community centered, offering a student massage clinic and active involvement in public outreach opportunities.